One thing I am super passionate about is supporting small business.  Some of my favorite purchases have been small business finds, and I am so excited to share them with you!  What better way to do that than by celebrating Small Business Saturday all year long?  Each Saturday, I will feature a small business/boutique I love, and I know you will too.  I will provide the information and links you need for easy shopping.  Enjoy, and happy supporting!


My favorite small business's are the ones that offer handmade products and art.  Thats why I wanted to kick this segment off with one of my FAVORITE candle companies, Normils Scented Candles.  These homemade, hand poured candles & wax melts are free from toxic chemicals, and smell so delicious. Below are some of my favorite products, with direct links to Normils Etsy shop. 

I was super excited about the timing of this post, because the holiday gift set was just released this past week.  She also has amazing LIMITED EDITION holiday scents such as Christmas Tree, Snowflakes, Cinnamon Bun & more!


Rennae Normil created Normils Scented Candles after finding out toxic ingredients are used in many of the name brand, mass produced candles.  Thats why, Rennae says, "I decided to choose clean, high end, wawesome quality wax and fragrance oils for all of my candles and wax melts to ensure that e get chemical free and clean burning candles which makes all the difference." To learn more about Rennae and her business click her picture below.


Candles give all the cozy vibes for the holiday season, & make the perfect gifts so check out Normils Etsy shop HERE.  If you use my code: KITTENKB at checkout you'll receive 15% off of your purchase.  You can also support this small business by following her on Instagram at @normils_scented_candles.  Thanks guys, and don't forget to shop small!

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