I am absolutely thrilled with how our save the dates turned out, though let's be real – calling it an easy breezy process would be a stretch. It's been a hot minute since I shared on this blog, but if I can spare one bride the headache I went through, count me in. So, here's the lowdown on my do's, don'ts, wish-I-knew moments, and everything in between.

In this, the FIRST 🎉 edition of #KatherineReviews, I am going to review four popular self-tanners.  From first impression, to end result.. so you can pick the tanner that works best for you!

Straight up, Instagram engagement is one of the most frustrating things, we as bloggers have to deal with.  Am I right?  At the end of the day, Instagram will always be Instagram, you just have to learn how to play the game.

Hey there, July!  Let's get this party started!  Whether you are traveling, backyard barbecuing, or celebrating something special...  I have the dress for you.

If you are familiar with my blog this may seem a repetitive.  I know my last post was also about dresses, but these were just way too good to keep to myself.  I always keep my Amazon finds under $30, but money was not a thing with these finds!

It’s May, which means it is officially dress season, & to say I am here for it is an understatement.  I have always been a fan of dresses for any occasion during the warmer months.  They’re so easy!  One of the trendiest looks of the season is a dress paired with athletic shoes or sandals for a casual, everyday look.  I found some great, everyday dresses that you can dress down with a pair of sneakers (or sandals for the maxi dresses.)

So your Instagram account has been hacked, and someone from a foreign country is demanding payment in order for you to regain access.  Now what?  All your hard work is gone, just like that?  No!  Not if you act quickly.  PLEASE READ, for important information & a simple way to protect your Instagram account from being hacked.

Who is counting down the days until spring -- or better yet, summer?!  I definitely am.  In anticipation of warmer weather, I have been stocking up on all things floral.  If you are like me, & can NOT get enough of the floral trend, you have come to the right place.  This post is dedicated to all things floral.  Mostly.  I did add in a few other noteworthy patterns, that I'm totally diggin' right now. Enjoy!