In this, the FIRST 🎉 edition of #KatherineReviews, I am going to review four popular self-tanners.  From first impression, to end result.. so you can pick the tanner that works best for you!

I am super excited about this post, because it is the first of a new series I'm starting here on Katherine Marie Shops.  If you follow me on instagram (@katherinemarie.shops) then you are already familiar with #KatherineReviews.  For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram, let me give you a quick rundown:  I've been reviewing a ton of (mostly) beauty products on IG, so I started using the hashtag #KatherineReviews on these posts, so they are searchable, & easy to find.

This series is going to be a more in depth review of the products I share on @katherinemarie.shops.  So let's get started!

I recently tried four sunless tanners from popular beauty brands; 
  • Coola - Sunless Tan anti-aging daily moisturizer; $48 
  • Clarins - Radiance-Plus golden glow booster for face; $32
  • L'oreal - Sublime Bronze self-tanning water mousse; $12
  • Tanologist - Face & Body Drops; $20
These are my thoughts.
Real quick, I wanted to share my "sunless tanner application tips and tricks" with you guys.  

This is what works for me:

1.)  I apply at night, before I go to bed.. to reduce my chances of ruining it. 
2.)  Shower & exfoliate right before, giving my skin time to dry fully.  I use First Aid Beauty's KP Bump Eraser to exfoliate.  
3.)  A glove helps, but if you don't have one MAKE SURE you wash your hands thoroughly after application. 
4.)  Pay special attention to elbows, knees, and other boney areas.  Rub in well, and don't over apply.  Idk the science behind it, but these areas have a tendency of absorbing extra color. 
4.)  Sit naked, or in loose clothing, and avoid socks/slippers.  Avoid textured blankets and sheets.
6.)  I wait at least 12 hours to shower.  If I want to go darker, I will reapply the product after I shower.  

First Impression:  It's organic!!!  Love the packaging.  Huge bonus, for the adorable little scooper it comes with.  A little pricy, but I'm willing to pay the extra money for clean ingredients.   
Application:  Apply like you would any lotion.  Went on smooth, absorbed well, and didn't leave a greasy, tacky finish.
Results:  I woke up a tad darker, not super tan but noticeably bronzed.  I applied this 2 more times to achieve my ideal tan.  Really pretty shade, looks so natural.  Can get a little orangey if you over apply, so you definitely want to wait for the tan to develop fully before applying more.
Overall Satisfaction:  Great product, if organic ingredients are a must for you.  Otherwise, it's a little pricey.  I really like how the tan builds gradually, and it was a beautiful color.  Definitely worth the price if you're willing to spend it.
First Impression:  Honestly, my first impression was, "this is so small, it's def. not going to last long."  I knew this was a pricier brand though, so I wasn't super surprised by the price:quantity ratio.  Loved the packaging, size makes it great for travel! 
Application:  I had trouble getting the drops out of the bottle.  But they were easy to mix into lotion and apply to my face.  Like how you can control the darkness of the tan by adding more or less drops.  Apply like a normal face lotion.
Results:  Since this is a tan that builds on itself, I did notice a slight bronze when I woke up, but applied two more times to achieve the shade I wanted.  Nice, subtle color, great for the face. 
Overall Satisfaction:  My only qualm is its hard to get the drops out of the bottle.  You have to shake it just right.  Other than that I loved the color, and the east application.
First Impression:  L'oreal has been my go to for as long as they've been making sunless tanners.  I love the affordability.  I liked how this product in particular was a water mousse, because I heard good things about the application, & wanted to try it out.
Application:  I would definitely recommend a tanning mit for this one, the foam can get runny.  The foam dries quickly, but leaves skin feeling tacky.  You want to make sure you apply this product even, and thoroughly.  Since it's an instant/darker tan, mistakes are obvious, and harder to correct.
Results:  I was shades darker in a matter of minutes.  Slightly more orange than the other brands, but gets the job done quickly, if you don't have days to build a tan.  Lasts through a couple showers.  I use a tan extender with this one.
Overall Satisfaction:  I have always been happy with the quick, dark results of L'oreal sunless tanner, no matter the product.  After trying out other brands, I do have to say it is a little more "fake" looking than others.  Still a great go to, for a quick tan!
First Impression:  Affordable, and you get a good amount of product.  I love how the dropper is included in the packaging.
Application:  The dropper makes application so easy, and the fact that you can use any of your own body lotion is amazing.  Application is super easy, just add your preferred amount of drops to your lotion, and apply as usual. 
Results:  I purchased the dark drops, and was noticeably darker when I woke up.  A second application wasn't necessary, but I wanted to see what this stuff could do.  I was tan, and I loved the shade.
Overall Satisfaction:  Hands down my favorite sunless tanner.  It's the best bang for your buck, and is so easy to use.
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