My Fave Amazon Finds: Jacket Season

in , , , , by Katherine Marie, November 20, 2020

Layering season is here, and I can not think of anything better than a cute jacket to complete your look.  That is why I was so excited when you guys suggest jackets for my next Fave Amazon Finds.

I asked for your help with this one, and ya'll helped so much by answering the polls in my Instagram story.  You guys prefer understated colors, the teddy jacket trend and other casual styles.  You're in luck, because those are three things I live for.

These oversized faux shearling jackets were part of the reason that I was so excited for this blog post.  I love anything cozy, and teddy jackets are as cozy as it comes.  They are virtually the same thing, so which one you get comes down to the color you want.  Here are a few reasons why I love these jackets:

Affordable (under $40) ✓
Great quality 
Warm, Cozy material 
Variety of colors 
Fits TTS (I'm a med) 

Another trend you asked for is bomber jackets.  Super exciting because I ordered THE CUTEST bomber jacket off of Amazon a few weeks ago.  ↓↓
Right?!  How cute is that??  Another reason Ecowish is my favorite Amazon brand.  It comes in 12 different patterns, so if leopard isn't your thing (if that's even possible) there are plenty of other options.

Amazon is also a great place to find affordable denim jackets.  I love a Levis original jean jacket as much as the next girl, but don't always feel like dropping $70+ on a jean jacket.  Amazon is a great alternative.  
This boyfriend jacket was a fraction of the price of designer jackets and honestly looks & feels just as nice.  Yes, it's real jean, none of that faux stuff!

I wanted to include something on the dressier side, for all of you who answered "more dressy" on my story polls.  This faux fur is so soft, and a fraction of the price as department store brands.  
Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable but I wanted to leave it as part of the blog, to show you guys the huge variety of coats Amazon has.  Even faux fur!  I'm not sure if this is going to come back in stock, but I found others that I will link.

I have added these jackets to my & my Amazon storefront for easy shopping.  You can find them under the "shopping" menu above.  I've also linked the pictures to my LTKit. 

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