HELLOOO 2021 - I’m so glad you are here to stay!!  I hope ya’ll are having a happy & healthy new year.  Have you made a resolution or a mantra for 2021?  I’m not going to lie, I did not... but more power to ya if you did. 

I do want to keep this post short and sweet, so let’s get to it.  In keeping with the new year’s theme of accountability, I want to talk about planners.  More specifically, my favorite planners.. and some awesome (and necessary) blogging accessories.  I will link everything to this article!



The Planners


Lovet Agency is a woman owned small business based in sunny Los Angeles.  They designed the original Instagram planner and grew from there.  Now they have a variety of planners, notebooks, downloadable worksheets and printable content.  All designed to help you plan your social media (and self-care) routines, so they go off without a hitch! 


Why I love Lovet


My favorite thing about Lovet Agency planners is they are specifically for bloggers and social media influencers.  They are a great help with organizing content, planning posts, setting goals, and keeping track of stats.  You will never miss a collaboration deadline again! 

A lot of the planners I was looking at were pretty pricey for something I was not fully committed to, yet.  Lovet Agency planners are super affordable, and not because of a lack in quality.  As if they're not affordable enough, you can follow my link for 15% off, making them a steal! 

A great way to keep your planners organized is to color coordinate using fineliner pens.  Fineliner pens are great for planning because they have super fine points and minimal bleeding.  Planner stickers are another blogger must have.   They are so fun, and are honestly my favorite part!  I linked my favorite, affordable pens and stickers to my LIKEtoKNOW.it, you can shop by clicking the link below. 

Click here for pens & stickers

I always love to hear from you guys, so drop a line below or reach out to me on Instagram! If you end up buying a planner don't forget to let me know, I CAN NOT wait to know what you all think. ❤

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